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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer flick round-up Part III

Angels and Demons

Verdict: Langdon is just not interesting on screen any more.

Okay, so I was one of the minority (or majority if you look at DVD sales and worldwide box office) that actually enjoyed the translation of 'The Da Vinci Code' from page to screen (notwithstanding Tom Hanks's bad hair day). The hairdo is better this time but the film never manages to rise above the mildly entertaining level.
And the cause of the problems is most likely the fact that it feels like retread of 'Code' minus all the most intriguing elements of that film. For a narrative that deals with a race against a time bomb, there appear to be ample minutes devoted to exposition and ill-advised humor. Hanks gives it the old college try but the formula feels almost like a wrung sponge for long stretches of the running time.
Ewan McGregor plays an interesting character but the lackluster storytelling drags him down along with everybody else. The tension is lacking and the audience is unable to empathise with any of the characters.
In short, close the book on Langdon - he hasn't got it any more!