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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The heat is on: Summer flick round-up part I

Monsters versus Aliens 3D 

Verdict: The 3D works, the movie doesn't!

I haven't thought too much of this 3D revolution studios have been seeking to usher in as the next big thing. Of course, I also havent seen a 3D film at the cinema in a long time. Somehow those 3D glasses dont seem to be designed for people already wearing them. The glasses are better these days but the films from Dreamworks Animation havent improved. I thought they had finally learnt something when I saw 'Kung Fu Panda' but 'Monsters vs Aliens' is another big miss. 
I enjoyed the animation as the material worked well in three dimensions. However, the humour is bland, the story insipid and the characters pretty boring. I can't think of any reasons to spend money on this flick. Maybe you can catch it if it comes on TV some time, maybe.....