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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer flick round-up Part VI

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Verdict: Though a tad repetitive, Optimus Prime rocks the cinema and 'Transformers 2' delivers a special effects-driven popcorn extravaganza.

The Good

Do you hear it? The sweet melody of robot-on-robot nuts and bolts action that blows the first film away without even trying.

All hail Prime: Optimus Prime is a real crowd pleaser in this one with everything from his dialogues to his arsenal of weaponry and his fighting moves.

Now that's what I call special! The special effects are worth the price of admission alone. The film provides mind-blowing eye candy that doesn't get old.

Who let the humans out? The role played by the humans is dialled back a ton from the first flick. In a Transformers film, that's definitely the right approach.

Action overload: Did you say you wanted non-stop Transformer action? Be careful what you wish for because when the Bay says 'action', he means it. This is skyscraper-scale mayhem for the masses and there is very little down time.

She's a fox: Megan is not the only fox in this movie but she has to be mentioned for the sheer weight of her sex appeal.

That's real power: I enjoyed seeing the Fallen as a villain though he doesn't have a whole lot to do. His origins and powers are interesting to watch to say the least.

The Bad

Did you say 'get it on'? Excessive sexual humor! Yes, it might be funny in small doses but indulgence is dangerous. Bringing up stuff like robot sex stirs images that are better left alone.

What just happened? There are so many new Transformers introduced that it's tough to keep up. There are close to 40 and we don't even get to know most of their names before they meet an untimely demise. 

The twins: I don't know what purpose they served in the film apart from seeming like a device to lighten the tension. It got tiring after a while. If they were pushed forward as kids who have not grasped what's going on, then maybe it could have worked.

The annoying roommate: He just annoys without a break. We get that he's scared and upset and all that - just let him pass out and let the story move.

Recycled material: While the action and some of the ideas are imaginative, the novelty isn't there any more and it isn't as immersive as I remember.

So where does that leave us?

It does what summer blockbusters directed by Michael Bay do. It explodes onto your senses and you feel like you are taken on a huge ride. Forget character and enjoy the action spectacle. If that's what tickles your fancy, make a date with 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'.