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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What dreams may come.... (what 2009 is all about)

And the list continues, here are more must-sees for 2009.

May 1

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Do you remember a time when comic book movies were new and exciting? That first feeling of excitement on seeing 'Spider-man' in 2002 - yea, well times have changed and we need more from comic book films today. The Dark Knight and Watchmen have changed the comic genre and our perspective on the way these movies should be made. Every film needs to be seen in context and the Spider-man, X-Men and the Blade trilogy have all had an impact on the evolution of comic book cinema. However, what makes films like the 'The Dark Knight' enduring is the rewatchability factor - something the X-Men films lack severely. I loved them the first few times I saw them - they just don't work as well any more. And now we have X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming in May telling the comic origin of fan favourite Wolverine. But the trailer makes it seem very similar to the original trilogy (hopefully closer to 1 and 2 than 3). That old excitement has waned and one can only hope that it offers something different that is as exhilarating as a film like Iron Man. Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox is in charge and their comic book track record is abysmal at best - the most we can hope for is that a small measure of justice is done to one of the best comic characters ever created - Wolverine. 
   The good news is that two other eagerly awaited characters - Deadpool and Gambit - will also be seen on screen for the first time. Again keep expectations low because Fox does not seem to have aimed very high either story or character wise. Oh how I wish I could see Marvel Studios reboot this franchise themselves... but that continues to be my wish. Until then, check out X-Men Origins: Wolverine. At least Hugh Jackman should rock our minds as Logan a.k.a. James Howlett.